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Since time immemorial the name Ardboe has been synonymous with the fishing families of Lough Neagh.

The aim of Ardboe Heritage is to record and preserve the history of these fishing families – a community unique in Western Europe.

Our collection includes written material and photographs as well audio-visual material which we are progressively transferring to digital format.

Ardboe Heritage publishes and sells a range of source and research materials, on CD and in printed form. We also sell books and maps of local interest, mainly published by other organisations. Shop on the menu will give you more information.

Our area

The area covered by Ardboe Heritage is the shorelands of Lough Neagh. The lough itself is bordered by five counties and contains several distinct loughshore communities. Ardboe has centuries-old ties with each of these, and much of its heritage finds echoes in the other Lough Neagh communities.

This website, established in July 2012, has been made possible through the generous support of the Heritage Lottery Fund.