Ballinderry Church Hall 1957

Mid-Ulster Mail – Saturday 2 March 1957

Ballinderry Church Sale

A long-felt need in the Parish of Ballinderry was satisfied on Friday last when the original Church School, which ceased to be used as such on the erection of a new school across the way by the County Education Committee, was reopened as a hall after extensive renovations, costing approximately £1,000.
The reopening took the form of a sale of work, which was declared open by Mrs William Ellis of Toome. The sale was very well supported and about £150 was raised.
The building in its original state was rather small for the various parochial activities. By removing the side wall, five feet were added to the width. Cloakrooms were installed, and a new kitchen with sink unit was added on the ground which was originally ‘the school yard’. The roof was realigned and re-slated. Lighting of a concealed type was installed. The internal colour scheme when completed will be very bright. The ceiling is of an ivory colour, the walls in French beige with ivory relief. The doors have been finished in signal red with mushroom relief. A collapsible platform has been erected and the rear gable has been left in a light tone for projection purposes.
The reopening of the hall was a triumph for the 65 families comprising the parish, and for the Rector, Rev FA Noel MA, who, since his appointment to the Parishes of Tamlaght and Ballinderry in 1951, has been a continued source of inspiration to his parishioners. Some months ago he saw a magnificent new parish hall opened in Tamlaght parish.
In declaring the sale open Mrs Ellis, who was accompanied by Captain William Ellis, said that many of the older generation that day would recall memories of childhood when they assembled in the building for their education. What a pleasant change it was for them to re-enter the hall under such circumstances. Referring to the stalls she remarked how well filled they were, and added, ‘You can best show your appreciation by buying all that is on them.’
Mrs Ellis was presented with a memento by four-year old Elizabeth Noel.
Mr Noel, who presided, said it was very kind of Mrs Ellis to show continued interest in the work of all the parishes around her.
Later in the evening a social was held, the music being supplied by Messrs George McNicholl, Alan Somerville, Stanley Stewart and Jim Clements. Mr Noel acted as MC.
The main contractor carrying out the renovations was Mr Alex Hamilton, Ballyronan. Some of the work was done by voluntary helpers.

img340From left – Mrs William Ellis of Toome; Rev FA Noel, Rector of Ballinderry and Tamlaght; Mrs Walter Jeffers

churchAerial view of the new church hall (in centre of picture), adjoining the churchyard of St John’s Church
Patterson’s shop and house can be seen between the two roads


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