Barney Mallon obituary

Mid-Ulster Mail – Saturday 8 February 1958


Mr Bernard Mallon (25 August 1896 – 12 January 1958)

Derrychrin, Coagh

Widespread regret was felt throughout the entire district on the occasion of the passing of Bernard Mallon, of Derrychrin, Coagh, which occurred after a prolonged illness at the Mid-Ulster Hospital, Magherafelt, on Sunday 12 January. During the “Troubles” he played a prominent part from 1916 to 1922. He was one of the foundation members of the Republican Organisation in East Tyrone and few were the activities in that area that he did not play a part in. Early he became suspect by the Authorities and was finally arrested and court-marshalled by the British military in Derry. Given a long sentence of imprisonment, he was eventually lodged in Durham Prison where he was subjected to many trials, even the “strait-jacket” in the defence of principles he cherished. Released in 1922 under the general amnesty when the Treaty was signed and hostilities ceased, he was given, along with his fellow prisoners, a memorable homecoming welcome. Later he was compelled to reside in Eire, prior to emigrating to the USA, but he later returned to his native parish.

From his early days Mr Mallon was a staunch and valued member of the GAA in his home parish and in his playing days he was an automatic choice for a place on all local selections. He had the distinction of playing on both Tyrone and Derry county teams. It was perhaps as an athlete that Barney Mallon reached his zenith in sport. Few equals had he in the middle distances as a runner and he was the proud possessor of many championship trophies. Indeed, in his all-round athletic ability, he carried off prizes in the long and high jumps.

At the early age of 61 years, his death has removed one who certainly played a full part in the affairs of his country. Always a popular figure wherever he went, his kind and generous nature endeared him to all who enjoyed his acquaintance. His death will be deeply felt in places far and wide by all his numerous friends, but it will be more keenly felt by his wife and young family in the loss of a faithful husband and devoted father.

The funeral cortege was large and representative, being a tribute to the respect and esteem in which the deceased was held. Many of his former comrades joined in the final tribute. Rev J Grimes CC celebrated Requiem Mass and Very Rev Fr F Terry PP preached an eloquent panegyric and later officiated at the graveside.

The chief mourners were – Mrs Elizabeth Mallon (widow); Patrick, Brian, Michael, Malachy, and Gerard Mallon (sons); Sheila, Betty, Cathleen Dolores and Jacinta Mallon (daughters); Mrs Bernard McSloy, Derrychrin, and Mrs M Quinn, England (sisters); Jim, Kieran and Michael Quinn, England; Brian McSloy, England; Jim McSloy, Michael Mallon, USA, and James Mallon, Rome (nephews); Mary, Carmel and Cora McSloy, Derrychrin; Nuala and Mary Quinn, England, and Mrs U Gordon, England (nieces).


From left – Robert Mitchell, Mark Shortt of Coagh, Barney Mallon of Derrychrin



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