From Old Cross To New York

Back from left – John Hurl, Johnny Campbell (1908-81), Biddy Hurl née Campbell (1915-2005), Gaffer’s Mihil Devlin (1895-1974), Mary Lizzie Campbell née McCullagh (1912-95), Joe Campbell (1929-86) Front from left – John McElhone (1898-1974), Sarah McElhone née Campbell (1902-80), ? Hurl, Mary Jane Campbell (1905-85), ? Hurl

The Tyrone Democrat – Friday 29 August 1967

At present spending a holiday in their native land are Mr and Mrs John McElhone of Smithtown, Long Island, New York.

The couple, who have been in New York for almost 50 years, last visited Ireland in May 1964.

They will be here for about six weeks and are guests at the home of Miss Mary Jane Campbell of Sessia, who is a sister of Mrs Sarah McElhone.

Sarah, who was born at Sessia, Old Cross, Ardboe, the daughter of a Lough Neagh fisherman, remarked that the greatest change she had noticed in Ireland in the past half century is the springing-up of new houses everywhere, almost as much in country areas as in towns.

John, who is a native of Ballymaguigan, South Derry, where he grew up on a small farm, and who established his own milk delivery company in America, is also amazed at the housing boom and in addition to this says that the economic and social growth of the country is beyond any comparison to what it once was.

However they would not consider settling down here just now, as they are very much at home in New York with their family, which consists of three girls and three boys, who collectively have a total of twenty children and one grandchild.

Our photograph shows Mr and Mrs McElhone (seated) with members of the Campbell family of the Old Cross and of the Hurl family of Mullinahoe.

Also included in the picture is Mr Michael Devlin, a cousin of the couple, who also spent some years in New York.

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