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Stories from around Lough Neagh
Edited by Pat Grimes
Published 2016 by Ardboe Heritage
ISBN 978-0-9573417-4-6
160 pages

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The Kinturk Tradition

A history of music and culture in the Kinturk district of Ardboe parish

By Pat Grimes

Published 2016 by Kinturk Cultural Association

© Pat Grimes

ISBN 978-0-9573417-3-9

176 pages


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The Moortown School

The history of education in Moortown

Pat Grimes

Published 2014 by Ardboe Heritage

ISBN 978-0-9573417-2-2

184 pages


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Memories of Lough Neagh

The heritage of the fishing families of Lough Neagh

Edited by Pat Grimes

Published 2012 by Ardboe Heritage

Reprinted 2014

ISBN 978-0-9573417-0-8

384 pages

PDF  £50.00

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The Moortown Story

One Hundred Years of Gaelic Games on the Loughshore

Pat Grimes

Published 2009 by Moortown Gaelic Club

© Pat Grimes

ISBN 978-0-9573417-6-0

826 pages


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Everything Bright and Fair

From the pen of Patrick Tobin, Teacher and Gael

Edited by Pat Grimes

Published 2007 by Ardboe Heritage

ISBN 978-0-9573417-1-5

204 pages


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